The Aruban Youth Telephone Line, Telefon Pa Hubentud, was launched on November 20, 1999, as an independent charity, with its distinctive telephone number’131′ and logo, aimed at children and youngsters from 8-24 years old and provides its service from 14.00 hours to 18.00 hours, 365 days a year.


The plans for a telephone line in Aruba had been around for some time, by private organizations as well as within the Policy of the Minister of Social Affairs. In 1999 a small group came together and decided to carry out the project of setting up Telefon Pa Hubentud based on information gathered especially from the youth Helplines of Holland who are in existence for over 20 years and the Curacao Telephone Helpline that was in existence at that time.

The main difference between these helplines within the Kingdom of the Netherlands is that Telefon Pa Hubentud commenced with the experiment of including teenagers within its volunteer counsellors’ group, an experiment that is resulting in success.


Telefon Pa Hubentud is recognized on a national and international platform. We received a startup subsidy from “Juliana WelzijnFonds” and “Kinder enJeugdPostzegelFonds” both organizations established in the Netherlands; Telefon Pa Hubentud has a cooperation protocol signed with the Aruban Ministries of Telecommunication, Education and social Affairs. Since November 2002, children can call “131” free.


Telefon Pa Hubentud is a low threshold form of providing assistance to youngsters who at a particular moment are experiencing a problem. Depending of the contents of a conversation, the service of Telefon Pa Hubentud can have the following functions:

  • Primary prevention: preventing problems by supporting callers in handling their situation.
  • Secondary prevention: Recognizing a threatening problem and supporting the caller in helping find a solution.
  • Tertiary prevention: Preventing that a caller should further experience negative results of a problem. Often this may result in referring to specialized treatment.

We do different types of workshops:

  • Bully
  • Positivism between the youth
  • Security for children on the internet
  • Motivation and positivism
  • Peer-pressure
  • Norms and values
  • Sugar Daddy’s/Mommy’s
  • Assertiveness
  • Healthy relationship and friendship
  • Child abuse
  • Violence


Our counsellors aim to empower the children and youngsters – with information, with choices and with emotional support; to build their confidence and assure them they are not alone. Telefon Pa Hubentud is effective because children and youngsters know that ‘131’ is theirs. Children don’t have to ask an adult permission before they call.
There is no waiting list, the telephone gives them privacy and the choice of how long they want to talk. They are in control and we believe this is why so many young people call us every day.
Telefon Pa Hubentud’s counsellors encourage children to share their problems with an adult they trust.
For children living in troubled households, this may not always be a parent – it could be another relative, a teacher, family friend or a neighbor. But often, after talking with one of our counselors, young people realize that their parent want nothing more than to hear their problems and help them sort things out.
All telephone calls, which are anonymous, are registered.


Con bo ta mira bo mes?
E manera cu nos ta wak nos mes ta hopi importante. (E manera cu nos ta percibi / mira nos mes).

Healthy relationship and friendship

Kico ta Relacion?
Relacion No ta solamente relacion sexual.
Bo tin relacion cu bo mayornan, cu bo amigo/anan, cu bo famia, ambiente, scol.


Mayoria hoben ta yama TPH regularmente pa cu e topico di sexualidad.
Tin di nan ta papia hopi fasil di e tema di sexualidad y tin otro cu tog tin berguensa pa papia over di e topico.


Childhoods are destroyed every day by abuse and broken trust. Telefon Pa Hubentud’s counsellors, more than thirty, try to rebuild this trust and help children find hope.

Telefon Pa Hubentud’s counsellors are ordinary people who do and extraordinary job – in their spare time. Our counselors receive an intensive training session spanning a period of six weeks. Each session addresses a new area of counseling and explores particular issues. Telefon Pa Hubentud’s vetting, selection and training process is rigorous.

Counsellors work a two hours’ shift. There is always a supervisor available to help counsellors who may need a debriefing session which helps counsellors to leave behind any feelings of distress or concern provoked by calls they have taken and to obtain guidance and support.


The staff are the ones in charge of doing workshops and they are also representative of Telefon Pa Hubentud. The Staff is available for contact during the office hours.

Shurman Milliard
Yamila Bulos


The Telefon pa Hubentud app is a new way of reaching out to the youth. We all know that nowadays everyone is on their cellphone, so having an app to download is just a couple of clicks away. It is an easier method to connect directly and easily with the youth. We want to be there in every situation and anytime possible, and we believe that this app will help us reach this goal. This will help us to guide and give help any youngster that is in need of someone to talk.




For more information about workshops or information you can contact Telefon Pa Hubentud during office hours:

Oranjestad, Aruba

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